COVID 19 Message

The surgery will be opening our usual hours on Friday 10th and Monday 13th April. Our phone lines will be open as usual and telephone consultations will be available with the doctors.

If you have been identified as high risk, and received a letter to this effect, then you will be receiving a phone call from one of our clinical team over the next few weeks to ensure you have everything you require.

We are awaiting further guidance regarding any other patients who should be following very stringent shielding advice, but we remind all patients that everyone should be socially isolating and socially distancing as much as possible with only essential journeys being made.

You are not alone. You may be physically isolated, but we are here for you. Let us know if you need help. Our clinical and reception teams are all here to help. We can also put you in touch with our volunteer/charity and faith partners, or ask our Social Prescriber to help us out. Do not be afraid. Pick up the phone and ask.

The crisis team at the council can provide advice and support and will link with volunteers/services in communities to help with food provision, shopping, picking up prescriptions and wellbeing support and many other things. All information is on the Council website below, so please keep checking on the website for more information and direct people in need through to us through this or on the Council number 01257 515151.

Website is:

The Government Number is also available to those patients who have to be completely shielded for the next 12 weeks, and the phone number is on the letter that you have at home.